Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”
~ Chad Sugg
Me & Social Justice

I remember coming onto tumblr with hopes of meeting people that actually had knowledge about things besides pop culture. I wanted to be able to talk about big issues. Discuss abortion, marriage equality, learn from people by talking about things.

I soon learned that disagreeing with someone of “status” in the SJ community was, in fact, bad. It didn’t matter if you actually had a good point and a solid argument. If what you’re saying was deemed “bad” by their standards (even if it made sense) you’d be bombarded with hate and being called homophobic/heterocentric, transphobic/ciscentric, ableist, ageist, racist and a whole bunch of other terms.

Is this really what the social justice community is? I came here in hopes of people that wanted to actually achieve equality. And by achieve equality, I don’t mean harassing people for not using trigger warnings (sometimes incorrectly, I might add), accusing every act of cultural appreciation or trade as cultural appropriation (and supporting cultural essentialism while doing so), making ridiculous “privilege checklists”, accusing anyone who dislikes porn, kinky sex, or casual as being a slut-shamer, or erasing racism towards white people (which does exist.)

Seriously, I’m sick of the shit. I’m tired of being accused of cultural appropriation because I find different cultures amazing. I like japanese culture a lot. Does this mean I just watch anime and listen to J-Pop? No. I educate myself, I know the history, I read books. But I’m the one being accused of cultural appropriation (when I’m educated) when there’s a Japanese lolita prancing around in clothing based on the Victorian [English], Edwardian [Also English], & Rococo [French] Eras? No, that’s not right. They can parade around in clothing that is not apart of Japanese culture, but I can’t even enjoy admiring Kimonos (without even wearing them)? Fuck that.

I’m tired of being called an “appropriator of deaf culture”. What the fuck, seriously? In the SJ community people were saying how people should learn sign language so that communication between the deaf and hearing would be easier. They wouldn’t have to read lips or attempt to speak (because not all deaf individuals are mute.) I’m really a terrible person because I like to talk to people and break down the language barriers between me, a hearing person, and that deaf man at the mall who’s raising money for deaf organizations? Sorry that I tried to do a fucking good thing. I’m pretty sure their faces light up when they see someone who took the fucking time to learn (proper) signing, and not make them go out of their way to read my lips, attempt to talk, try to communicate some other way or write letters back and forth. 

I’m also tired of how they go about accusing people. They reblog pictures (of people they don’t even know) and accuse, accuse, accuse, and do absolutely no educating in the process at all. I’m pretty sure you don’t know this person personally. I’m pretty sure you know nothing about their cultural background. I’m pretty sure that just because they look white (because they usually target white individuals, because POCs just can’t appropriate, right?) doesn’t make them European. I look white, does that mean I’m of European decent? No. I’m paler than the average half-Puerto Rican. Sorry I’m not tan enough for you to treat me with respect because you think I’m a POC. 

And then there’s privilege. I understand why people put importance on it, but to make it an obsession to point out privilege is ridiculous. Privilege is, well, normal. Everyone has privilege in some way or another. I, as a genderqueer individual, have privilege. (/le gasp! Genderqueer [specifically genderfluid] privilege? What?!) I can use either bathroom depending on my presentation, and that right there is a privilege. As a genderqueer I have now become privileged because I can use any bathroom I want depending on my presentation that day. I’m female bodied, and guess what? More privilege! I can (and want) to give birth to my own children. That’s a privilege, I’m now privileged by being female-bodied. (This is a personal privilege, since not all female-bodied people can have children)

Pointing out anyone’s privileges will not make your argument stronger or invalidate theirs. Each of you have privilege, great, get over it. Actually engage in a debate without screaming “Well, you’re white/male/cis/able/etc. Since you’re white/male/cis/able/etc you can’t know anything about racism, sexism, or oppression.. because you’re white/male/cis/able/etc.”

Next point: I don’t like porn. I also dislike the idea of very kinky or casual sex with a person. (I have yet to have sex, by the way. I put love and sex very close together, and I don’t think of kinky or casual sex as loving, if you do that’s fine.) Now, this is me. Does this mean because I don’t like something that no one else can? Of course not. That girl over there can have as much sex in or out of a relationship as they want. That person over there can watch porn all say long if they want. That  guy over there can get his kink on with his man all night. I don’t really care, it effects me when someone would want to have casual sex with me, or have kinky sex with me. Just because I don’t personally like something, doesn’t mean I hate people who do enjoy those things. 

And the last and biggest point would be racism towards whites (or reverse-racism, a term I detest.) It’s basically saying: You can’t have any judgments, assumptions, hatred, or prejudices towards this person based on their (non-white) race. But they can do that to you, because you’re white. And if you do hold any assumptions, hatred, prejudices, or judgments they can say you’re being racist. But if they hold any of that towards you, they aren’t racist and can’t be accused of being so because you’re white. 

Oh, oh, oh! Wouldn’t that make POCs “privileged” in a way? Since, as a POC, they can openly accuse someone of racism and feel secure in their accusation without fear of their accusation being deemed “false” or “impossible”.

I’m ready for all of the hate I’ll get for this post. Let’s go.

(NOTE: To prevent any accusations: I am all for marriage equality [this includes polygamy], I am pro-choice, I recognize all non-binary genders, I support the LGBTQ community, and I am Liberal. But sometimes people go way too far.)

(This post is in no way saying that all people within the Social Justice community act like this, but is saying that I’ve noticed a lot of select people doing so.)

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